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May 8, 2009

Coffee Shopping

Selling Jesus before work

Note: In the next few weeks, we'll be introducing some "blogging all stars" from the world of small-groups ministry. Having gotten to know Rick Howerton a little bit in the past year, I can say without doubt that he is passionate about small groups. He works at LifeWay Resources and blogs at Serendipity's group-centered blog: The Gypsy Road.


I sat down at a coffee shop in Bardstown, Kentucky, to find multiple copies of the following note:

Beginning the Daily Grind with God at the Java Joint Café
8:30 a.m. Wednesday with the Reverend Kirk Norris

November 5, 2008 Lesson: Luke 13:1 – 9… Repentence, this is the message.
The parable is a storied example of how you and I sometimes view our situations in life. We desire instant gratification but we forget and become impatient when the results we expect are slow in fruition. Our timing is NOT God’s timing. What we must remember is that all life, physical and spiritual, requires each of us to devote our time and our energy to the nurture and care of not only our own lives but also others on this journey. Then we will reap the fruits of our labors and the blessings of God Almighty!

I asked the barista what the deal was. She explained that these notes were from her pastor. Every Wednesday at 8:30 a.m. her pastor does a very short teaching, then the individuals seated around each table answer the questions that have been placed there.

How would you go about getting something like this going? Easy:

  • Choose a coffee shop.

  • Get manager approval.

  • Begin promoting this opportunity with the people who are your church.

  • Get a team of at least 5 people, individuals who will commit to being involved for twelve months. Ask them to make it their goal to fill the place each week.

  • Choose a starting date and get going.

Let me know how it goes.


Rick Howerton is the "Small Group-Ologist" at LifeWay Resources. And while he refuses to explain what that actually means, we do know that he's got a lifetime of experience with discipleship and small groups.

posted by Sam O'Neal on May 8, 2009 3:46 PM

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So what do you do if you're like me and can't stand the taste of coffee? :)

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