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May 26, 2009

Keep Connected with Our New Newsletter

Another way to get free stuff from

I've mentioned here and there that will be starting up a new newsletter this summer. (New newsletter...that's kind of a tongue twister. Sorry. :)

Anyway, the newsletter is called Dot Com(unity), and as you've probably guessed, it will primarily be connected to our Dot Com(unity) co-learning experience. [If you don't know what I'm talking about, click on the tab that says Dot Com(unity) up at the top of this page.] We'll be starting up the next round of Dot Com(unity) on June 8, and the first issue of the newsletter will be sent out on that day, as well.

So, what will be in this newsletter, you ask? Great question. Each issue of the newsletter will include the following:

  1. Free content from that directly intersects with the Bible study material we'll be studying together in our Dot Com(unity) experience. That includes icebreakers, worship ideas, hospitality tips, outreach options, articles, and much more.

  2. Updates and the best material from the Small Group Dynamics blog, along with a new weekly poll.

  3. A weekly editorial thought from yours truly.

  4. We'll also highlight other premium resources from that are especially helpful for small-group leaders.

In other words, we're going to send you a good helping of material each week—all of which will help you grow as a group leader and most of which will be free.

Click here to get more information, and to sign up.

posted by Sam O'Neal on May 26, 2009 1:00 PM

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I am going to try this Dot Comunity with another group of online life group folks. thanks for doing it again!

Great to hear it, Deb!

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