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July 23, 2009

Caption Contest!!!

Write a quick caption for this photo and you could win a free membership.


If you noticed that blog updates were a little light last week, that's because I was on vacation with my family in St. Augustine, Floriday. And as you can see, we paid a visit to the local Alligator Farm.

Yes, that's really me with a 14-foot gator named Goose—no Photoshop editing or dubious enhancements. And this photo presents you with an opportunity to win a free membership to

All you have to do is think of a caption to go with the picture. It can be funny, sublime, snarky, deep, or pensive—whatever floats your particular boat. Just post the caption as a comment below, and in two weeks my crack team will vote to determine a winner.

Good luck!

posted by Sam O'Neal on July 23, 2009 11:45 AM

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"Now don't turn around, Jessica, or you'll learn why his name is Goose!"

Sam Playing the new improved limited edition "Alligator Game" now which tooth to push down.

'ahhh, thats nice! A little to the left, yup -that's it!'

Sam takes his gator to the spa for a day of treatments.

Knowing the that there are crocodilian friends in the background may be why the gator in the foreground has such a big smile on his face.

Tastes like chicken!

"Of course I've got good people skills. What makes you think otherwise?"

Group Leader Sam is unsuccessful once again in keeping Fred away from the refreshment table ===

"Ouch, Your weight's killing me" said old man Gator.

Okay! I'll join the small group.

Now you know why it's such a small group "burp" I was hungry :)

Our newest training resource: Casting a Vision for Small Groups. This download will help you...

If Sam can handle the goose, surely you can handle life groups!

And Now Lets talk about..Dealing with Problem People in Your Small Group

Sometimes it's just hard to connect with people!

"New Pastor takes on Exsisting Church"

Evereyone, I'd like you to meet my friend Goose. He's excited to get a taste of our small group so be sure to extend him the right hand of fellowship.

Goose was willing to put up with being photographed with visitors, so long as the zookeepers let him have every seventh one. Sam was the 29th person that day, and food coma was setting in...

Our small group would be bigger but not everyone was happy

"Look, Ma, we're having meat tonight!"

This one looks big enough for our group - new wallets and purses for all. So I'll just grab him by the tail and ...

Moving an entrenched church leadership toward small groups is like steering a gator by the tail!

Wraslin' gaters... it's easy as pie!

"Oh, you said icebreaker. I thought you said something else. You might want to step away . . . slowly."

Welcome to our newest small group for alligators who feel trapped - "Gator-aid"


No Sam, put him back. Maybe you can have a hamster.

Has anyone seen my lunch? It's got an American flag on the front of the lunch bag?

No, you won't find any "Goose" eggs down there.

I wonder if Sam tastes like Chicken?

"It's as easy as pie!"

Join our group - or else!

Anyone can grab a tiger by the tail, meet Goose!

Krike! That Sam's a bute!

I have heard of EGR's but that is rediculous

I did not know EGR meant - Extralarge Gator Required

This is my small group enforcer. Now you ready to start a small group?

And you think you have some problem individuals in your group?

A couple of you stole my "easy as pie" caption. So here's my contribution:

"CAUTION: Objects in viewfinder are larger than they appear"

That's no goose. That's a gator!

Nice Goose! Nice Goose! Nice Goose!

You'll love small group, just sign up and I'll let go of your tail. I promise!

The day after Sam graduated from animal proctology school his first professional call would be at the local zoo with a very friendly gator named Buttkus! (Pun Intended).

Overheard in the relative privacy of Buttkus' cage:

"He Doc, wasn't there any heat in your car on the way over?"

Goose's Gator Small Group recruiting.Sam's in!

Say hello to my "leetle freend"!


aw Dad, not again... that ride a horse game is gettin real 'old'!

Sam letting the 'old man' know he's kinda over those children's games now.

Goose: You call them small groups, I call them a small lunch. To-may-to, to-mah-to.

Oh, we're supposed to have the snacks AFTER small group?? The snacks WERE the small group? Oops.

It was all smiles until Sam suddenly realized he tried on his new cologne that morning, "Eau de Captain Hook."

The reason the world stays a mean angry place is because the church is content being posers.

I have a feeling this will end up hurtin me a lot more than it will you.

"Looks so easy I could do it!"

"Steve Irwin had no problem with crocodiles!"

"With a little practice you can do this too!"

"Easy boy... we just want your name and number so our hospitality team can bring you cookies..."

"Thanks for visiting our church... hope you have a blessed day!"

"You just pick it up by the tail, like this...."

"A merry heart doeth good like a medicine."

"Hey guys, meet Goose, the newest member of our group! Just so you know the raw chickens on the refreshment table are for him. And I don't advise any sudden movements during the Bible study."

Wow, this is not going to be an easy choice!


Good for the Goose
Good for You!

Facilitating a Small Group is so easy even Goose can do it!

"Risky? This isn't risky. Being a small group leader, that's risky!"

A small group would have told you this was an unwise move

Try the other end and you'll experience excitement...just like Small Group ministry.

I have a tail for you - get "Launching Small Groups" download so you don't run into the wrong end of an Aligator!

I really love small groups the best!

I realize that a thick skin is needed in some ministry areas, but.......don't do it, Sam!

When you reach the end of something big, ya just gotta let go!

With this perspective, attending your first small group meeting seems a lot less scary!

Just a reminder that beautiful smiles come in all kinds of packages.

Getting Involved in Small Groups Ministry helps you get a grip on the gators in your life!

You call your people, I'll call mine.

1 - Okay, If you could be any animal, which one would you be?

2 - Sam! put down the puppet!

Sam gets Jessica a new purse, some assembly required.

I'll show you endangered...

Featured download: new method now available for making your small group smaller!

Say "Cheese"... actually, Goose, I was talking to Sam.

"Well, an Open Chair small group is one thing, I don't know about an Open Mouth small group."

"And remember, always look them in the eye and greet them with a big friendly smile!"

"No matter what he says------DON'T pull his tail! I'm just telling you, gators and frijoles just don't go together."

"No, I promise you; it may be Goose's, but it's not pâté."

I keep hearing him singin some song about the Battle of New Orleans and 'grabbin an alligator'.....wonder what the powder has to do with it???

Every Small Group has their difficult one.

Does your Small Group need a referee? pick up Goose: "All things are possible through Christ who strengthens me." This includes recruiting new small group members.

"See ya later, Alligator!" - How to keep your small group smiling just like THIS, when it's time to say difficult good-byes.

So the Yankee thinks I'm a dumb gator. I just ain't hungry yet, but my crocodilian cousin might be. I'd better give him a call.

"I have given you the power to trample on snakes and scorpions and to defeat the power of your enemy Satan. Nothing can harm you." Luke 10, 19

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