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July 20, 2009

Small Group Topics

A plan for a whole year and beyond


Ever caught yourself in that dilemma where your group members are looking at each other and asking, "What is our group going to do next?" Truthfully, I get a little embarrassed when my group gets into that situation. I feel like, as a leader, I should have done a better job helping my group chart a course based on members' growth and our mission. But sometimes I have to admit that I just don't know what we should do next. For that reason, it's nice to have something to fall back on that I don't have to figure out ahead of time.

I recently looked at a resource that I think will be helpful. It's called Adult Edification Topics for Small Groups. Each notebook contains 52 relevant small-group agendas on a variety of topics, and material to conduct an entire small-group meeting. Also included with every session are: icebreakers, Scripture references, some leader teaching helps and discussion questions, as well as a tool to help review your group's unique vision, goals, and guidelines. The printed notebook also comes with a CD that contains a digital version of the printed notebook so you can get on your computer and tweak or modify each group session to fit your needs and then print it out.

The lesson/scripture topics vary, but are designed to give you a broad and balanced approach to spiritual growth over the course of a year. So, if your group meets every week, the notebook contains a year's worth of small group agendas that's part of an overall coordinated plan for your group's growth. And, if you get all the way through the first year's worth of topics, there are currently 9 volumes of notebooks available. That's 9 years worth of small group agendas already laid out and ready to go!

I will tell you there is nothing fancy about this notebook. It's not packaged in a slick-looking cover and it doesn't have many extra bells and whistles, but the content is solid and it's been field tested in many groups. And besides, if you are so inclined, you can "pretty up" each agenda a bit on your computer and print a copy out for your group.

The current price of $50 per notebook, at first, seemed a little steep to me. But when I considered I'm getting a year's worth of small-group agendas for my whole group, it is a bargain compared to buying a year's worth of six-week study guides.

You can buy Adult Edification Topics for Small Groups from If you have questions, contact them. I found they were good folks to work with.

posted by Dan Lentz on July 20, 2009 9:34 AM

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Isn't this the benefit of subscribing to a curriculum where someone else decides what to study? A good teacher ought to be able to teach almost anything, and and outside person saves some headache and keeps things balanced.


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