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September 23, 2009

Small Group Worship

Some ideas to get your group over the hump


I have had conversations with worship leaders who led worship for Promise Keepers and who also led worship in small groups. They have commented that it is arguably more challenging to lead a worship experience in a small group of 6 than it is to lead a group of 50,000!

Given that most leaders I talk to think leading small group worship is a challenge, it reinforces the importance of looking carefully in our small groups for those who have gifting in the area of worship and allow them to share that gift with the group.

Beyond having someone in your group who is gifted with leading worship, another way to get over the worship hump in small groups is to start framing our paradigm of small group worship differently. There are many ways to create worship experiences in small groups beyond just singing. features lots of creative worship activities in our Worship Ideas section of the website.

And here are several other ideas that have come out of various conversations I’ve had and workshops I have attended:

  • have a good reader read the words of an old hymn

  • play a music CD and just listen, then get responses

  • dedicate a prayer time to only thanksgiving (what God has done) and adoration (who God is)

  • share a favorite Scripture verse, and then share why it's a favorite.

  • after sharing a Scripture or song, have some quiet journaling and then group sharing

  • do communion together as a group

  • do a sing along CD or DVD, and turn it up loud if your group members are not great singers—it works!

How about you? What are some other ideas for small group worship experiences?

posted by Dan Lentz on September 23, 2009 1:00 PM

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We encourage our groups to open and close with unison prayers that reflect on the session's theme then sing praise songs and hymns we've picked that also lift up the theme of the series.

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