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January 26, 2010

Question of the Week: Do Something (part 2)

What's stopping us from taking action?


All righty, today we're going to talk about a question I've been asking myself recently when it comes to ministry opportunities. And that question is related to the one we asked last week (hence the "part 2" in the title of this post): If you were given $1,000 and told to use that money to advance the Kingdom of God in some way, what would you do?

We had several good responses in the Comments section and on Twitter, including:

  • Approach a local fast food shop and try to turn that $1,000 into $2,600 worth of gift cards.

  • Pay a family's past-due bills.

  • Use the money to set up house gatherings where people could worship and learn together, plus pitch in to serve the community.

But Josh Hunt's comment cut to the heart of what I've been thinking through recently. He said: "An equally valid question is, lWhat are you going to do with the $20 that is in your wallet?'"

So that's the Question of the Week I want to throw in front of everyone today: What's stopping us?

There are any number of wonderful things that we as small-group communities could do with a large chunk of money. So what is preventing us from gathering up that chunk and doing something with it?

posted by Sam O'Neal on January 26, 2010 3:28 PM

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the sheer plethora of opportunities--all quite good--creates real inertia. The nagging question: "what if there is a better cause out there that I'll/we'll miss out on if we jump on this opportunity?" What is needed? a few bold leaders to say, "Let's do this!" And then, DO IT.

I have been following your blog for sometime now, since I came across it. It has always helped me. But on this matter of what we can do, I have a challenge with that. I feel led to start a Youth Empowerment Group. A place to use, at least, is my church. But its like I have a constraint. We just had a new pastor. I have not so much related with him to even talk about doing anything.I feel stuck. Now you see, there's something to do,no way to do it

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