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May 25, 2010

Contest Time! Superman's Small Group

Tells us what happens "When Superman leads a small group..."


"Faster than a speeding bullet. More powerful than a locomotive. Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Superman! And it looks like he's heading to small group!"

Yes, that is the scenario we would like you to consider for our next caption contest. Although it doesn't really involve captions. All you have to do is finish this phrase: "When Superman leads a small group...."

You can add a sentence that is funny or poignant or deeply moving, but you'll probably do best if you stick with funny. How would the Man of Steel handle the task of leading a small group? What would the experience be like for his group members? For his church?

Just add a comment to the end of this blog post to enter. The top 10 entries will receive a free download from (or from our sister resources, if you're already a member). And the top entry will receive a free membership.

Best of all, we'll be posting all of the winning entries in the new Digital Magazine, which is coming your way at the beginning of August.

So: "When Superman leads a small group..."

posted by Sam O'Neal on May 25, 2010 9:24 AM

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...everybody in the group wishes they had some kryptonite in their pocket.

he begins to wonder if some of the members might ALSO be strange visitors from another planet.

he gets so absorbed in ministry that he forgets all about Krypton and the mission he was given in the first place!

he morphs into another person leaving behind his own problems and focuses on rescuing everyone else.

When Superman leads a small group, the men in the group are uncomfortable with his costume, and keep looking up at the ceiling for some strange reason.

... somebody should ask him during the Bible study, "Can you defeat The Hulk??"

... everybody wants to have 2-by-2 with him in order to listen to his fascinating stories.

he wishes they wouldn't keep tugging on his cape.

When SuperePrson leads a small group,there's never enough time for the Spirit to work among the members.

someone should ask him what it's like to come back from the dead.

he takes off his cape to reveal his real self...Jesus.

The Holy Spirit + the small Group is the real Superman!

your study plan becomes a comic book.

...muscular things will happen!

He speeds back in time to compete with Samson in a honey eating contest.

When superman leads a small group....
it's up, up, and away in one big swoop!

EGRs have a whole new attitude!

When Superman leads a small group, the group never grows, because Superman does all the work.

...people join faster than a speeding bullet, the learning is more powerful than a locomotive, and the miracles abound: like leaping tall buildings! Just imagine the phenomenal growth in your Small Groups Ministry with SuperMan at the helm!!!

...he leads us to the greater Strong Man.

...the phone booth transformation becomes a regular group activity.

... Half the group wants to talk about your relationship with Lois.

...Batman finally realized that he had no superpowers, just a lot of cool gadgets!

...does anyone else in the group get noticed...or feel the need to contribute?

...your fear of flying is gone."

...he actually realizes his "super" is not so "super" because each small group member has such inner power because of their thirst for knowledge and their hunger for more of Him. Superman hence knows he is only as strong as he allows himself to humbly bow in submission to his true creator.

. . . no one else has a chance to become "super".

he discovers he is just a normal guy who needs Jesus.

a red cape is the expected attire, cryptonite is a regular menu item, and the meeting space is now the phone booth on the corner.

...everyone is intimidated and sharing is shallow.

... everybody learns to fly!

..everyone gets 'up close and personal' in a very small, uncomfortable space... transform...then burst forth, ready to save the world! able to silence dominators with a single glance members feel strangely drawn by the Spirit's glint in his eye, despite observing that, hey, this Clark Kent guy they're getting to know is really rather average. (Except, of course, for his colorful underoos...)

... He reveals his true identity.

super things start happening.

...Jane wants to be the group's apprentice.

...he quickly realizes he needs a different kind of x-ray vision.

the group begins to believe the lie that they don't need God when they have TV super heros. Spiritual growth is stunted as they continue in an endless march around the same after day.

They constantly discuss the Philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche and a whole new church of the Ubermensch emerges.

1 the members are kryptonite.

2 . . . What do you mean "When"?

3 the Pastor appears human !

..nothing happens unless it is Christ centered and not all about superman!!! is time to meditate on Zechariah 4:6.

It's impossible to complain about your own dysfunctional family of origin when the leader was kicked off his entire planet of origin!

...none of the members feel capable of doing anything.

...only superheroes feel comfortable joining...

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