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May 5, 2010

Foundational Questions for Your Group

What would Christ be asking your group?


I was recently exchanging email with a friend of mine at Xenos Christian Fellowship which hosts one of my favorite conferences every summer in Columbus, OH. (I would encourage you to check out the 2010 version of the Xenos Summer Institute.)

The conversation with my friend brought back to mind a session at a previous Xenos Summer Institute where Larry Crabb suggested that one of our main goals in Christian community is not to find answers to the questions we have about God, but rather to find answers to the questions God has been asking throughout time. He proposed seven questions that God has continued to think are important (and some partial answers to explore further in your community):

1. Who is God? (He is community)
2. What is God up to? (teaching me to live in community like Jesus)
3. Who are we? (gendered image bearers)
4. What’s gone wrong? (I have)
5. What’s God done about it? (the Cross)
6. What’s the Spirit doing today? (living in us as He lives in Trinitarian community)
7. How do we tag along with the Spirit? (seek the new way of the Spirit)

Interesting, huh? You many want to try reviewing these questions as a framework for your next discussion about small-group purpose, or just as a great way for your group members to reflect on their recent spiritual progress.

posted by Dan Lentz on May 5, 2010 1:58 PM

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I have been facilitating a group of 10 for over two years now. I just got home from another Sunday night meeting with my familiar internal refrain of frustration. I seem incapable of helping the group move from content-laden conversations that are packed with cliches to discovering these questions you speak of. They resist questions that ask them to think and there is clearly not a sense of community at all. The place is not a safe one --in my mind. I seem to be either not getting what my part is in this or I am in the wrong group of people. Thoughts?

Great post, Dan! I'm going to discuss these questions with our ministry team and our Friday night group!

Thank you, Jay! That is a super-helpful link. And it's good to know that Dan really does have friends. :)

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