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November 18, 2010

Poll Results: Evaluation

Bad poll results means everyone gets a free download.

Back in September this blog featured a poll on the topic of Evaluation. We asked, "Have you ever been evaluated in your role as a small-group leader?"

Here's what the results look like after a couple months:

  • No (66 percent)
  • Yes, by my church (23 percent)
  • Yes, I have taken a personal evaluation (8 percent)
  • Other (3 percent)

To me, those are pretty scary numbers. Less than a quarter of the group leaders taking the poll have been evaluated by their churches? Two-thirds of group leaders haven't been evaluated at all?

That means one of three things: 1) Churches aren't thinking about evaluation in general, 2) Churches aren't placing a lot of emphasis on evaluating lay leaders, or 3) Churches want to evaluate lay leaders but don't have the time/staff/tools.

I hope it's the latter, because that can be corrected. In fact, we can help. has a resource called Evaluations for Small-Group Leaders. I am making this free to readers of this blog until the end of the year. Just use the coupon code SGEVALUATION when you go through the checkout process.

posted by Sam O'Neal on November 18, 2010 9:53 AM

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Such an incredible resource. I appreciate your website and all of the resources that you provide. Thank you for what you do.

It's our pleasure, Neal! Thanks for the kind words.

Wow, thanks Sam
I appreciate this, as it fits into the coming year of equipping emphasis....we are doing things a little backwards, but when God places the right tools in place (like for instance this one:) watch out!!!

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