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January 31, 2011

Caption Contest

You can win one of five free memberships to!


It's time for another contest! Huzzah! As usual, this contest is very simple to enter. And, as usual, it makes fun of me.

You've noticed the picture of my riding a donkey by now, I'm sure. This was taken in Israel on an amazing trip I had the privilege of being a part of back in December. I was with a group of Evangelical journalists, and we saw ancient cities and historical sites that added a new level of depth to our understanding of the Bible. We also had the chance to experience the modern culture and diverse population that makes up Israel today.

But enough about that—let's talk about the contest. To enter, simply think of a caption to this photo. And when you think of one, post it in the Comments section below. (Be sure to include your email address so that we can contact you if you are a winner.)

The staff will choose five winning captions based on these criteria:

  1. Keep it clean. (This is a family friendly blog, after all.)
  2. Try to connect your caption to small groups in some way.
  3. Creativity and humor are the best ways to catch the judges' attention.

Winners will be chosen on the last day of February and will receive a free, one-year membership to (Winners who are already members will have their subscription extended by a year.)

Good luck!

posted by Sam O'Neal on January 31, 2011 11:26 AM


"Single owner, low mileage, and it gets 23 miles per bushel. So what's it going to take to see you leave the lot on the back of this baby?"

I'm sorry, but we've run out of chairs for the group time's this?

Sam's entry into Jerusalem was nowhere near as triumphant as Jesus'.

"So don't forget... Chips and salsa, veggie-tray and maybe some muffins for after."

Yeah, I know it's a long and bumpy ride for a life group meeting. But these meetings are so good, it's definitely worth the trip.

Am I going in the right direction to join the small group meeting? Yes, but you have the wrong day!

My friend Balaam let me borrow his donkey. He said something about me needing it more than he did.

Just like Balaam's donkey says, you can't "BEAT" small groups!!

You're welcome to come to our small group, but I'm not sure about this two-legged one.

But Jesus told me to say, "My Lord has need of it," and you be okay with my taking it!

I know Sam said it would help to bring the Christmas story to life in our group, but I don't think they will believe you to be Mary!

I appreciate needing to understand the background of the text, but don't you think our Small Group leader is taking this a bit too far!

Your GPS is all wrong. You should have turned left by the well and right at the sycamore tree. Look for the sign that says "Zacchaeus' Wee Group Meeting"

Sir, I am on a small group journey to find out why small groups are having so much fun. Is it possible to upgrade my means of travel and trade-in my donkey for one of your long distance camels?

Wow, you got the same e-mail on what to wear today.

Sam, I'd like you to meet your discipleship mentor. He doesn't look it, but he has a lot to say. If you're willing to listen, that is.

As you embark on this journey, it is important that you prayerfully consider the implications for you and your small group. You may find that your ice breaker enthusiasts will need to find something ELSE to "pin the tail on..." let me get this strait...we trade your donkey for my daughter, so you have someone to go with you to a couples small group on Tuesday....hmnnn...I can live with that :)

Well, when I said that our small group discussions should relate more directly to real life, this isn't exactly what I meant.

It's the original version of the Blues Brothers, filmed in or around 30 A.D.

Boy, Dave, you sure make our small group Bible studies come to life. I can't wait to see what you do when we study the Book of Revelation.

Doesn't matter how you get there...just don't miss out on small groups!

Remember, give it some gas and let the clutch out slow

Yes, I'm familiar with that small group. Take this path and turn right after the third date palm. You'll find them in the blue tent on your left.

"Now that you've got better transportation can we plan on you getting to group on time from now on?"

Small Group Tip #37 = Make sure your group members have comfortable seating arrangements. When they are relaxed, they tend to listen better and share more openly.

My group will not sing 'Hossana', the won't lay palm leaves and they certainly won't lay their jackets on the tarmac

As a Small Group Leader, you should know when to say "whoa" and when to say "giddy-up"!

"This has been by far the WORST choice for a small group outing you've ever had. Just sayin'..."

Well- I did promise I would provide my newbie "a comfy ride" to my bible study group!

Donkey wants to know if he gets some cool sunglasses like us, if he can join our small group?

Donkey says that you feel like Shrek!

I'm thinking that you are taking this old-fashioned small group thing WAY too literal - you don't need to use the donkey to get there, we have cars now!

It would be nice to see who you chose as winners to your contests.

"If you hurry up... you´ll get to Joseph and Mary´s Small group before that star goes off"

"Turn left at the olive tree, go past the grape press and the threshing floor until you see the stone rolled away from the cave. That is where your small group meeting is being held. You can't miss it."

This is just what i need! Thanks!

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