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June 28, 2011

Help Wanted: Icebreakers and Other Learning Activities

It's time to re-stock the Small Groups Meeting Builder.


As I interact with various users of, I get the impression that a lot of people aren't familiar with what I consider to be one of our coolest features: The Small Groups Meeting Builder.

This free resource allows users to browse through our selection of learning activities in an organized way—hundreds of icebreakers, worship ideas, hospitality tips, outreach options, and Bible study extras. All of these free resources are designed to help small-group leaders create a well-rounded group meeting.

And did I mention that using the Meeting Builder is free?

In any case, I want to help people become more aware of this great resource this summer and fall. And I need your help to do that.

Specifically, I am looking for quality icebreakers, worship ideas, recipes, and other learning activities that I can add to the Meeting Builder in the coming months. If you are good at creating original activities that help your group members engage and interact with the topics or texts under discussion, you are just the kind of person I am looking for.

Send me an email here to get some more details about writing Meeting Builders for The good news is that we pay you for your work. The bad news is—well, I guess there is no bad news. You get paid to write resources that advance the mission and effectiveness of small groups around the world!

What are you waiting for?

posted by Sam O'Neal on June 28, 2011 9:37 AM

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I would love to write for you on this subject. I'm a former discipleship director and experienced small group founder and leader.

great idea!

Good day Sam. I work with care cells as an area pastor and with the development of my church and denomination training and discipleship system here in the Philippines. I have also been working part time as online article writer and been desiring to write for the advancement of small groups. I'm so interested to work with you. Please send me details on writing Meeting Builders for

I'm wondering what kind of URL I am required to enter above but anyway, I just pasted my yahoo inbox URL. Would really appreciate your response. Thanks and lots of blessings to you.

Jenifer Aguilar

I would be interest in helping in this area. For re past 11 years, I have been a Senior Pastor and regularly taught bible study classes. During these, I would develop topical studies or ones that go through a book of the Bible - where, after careful study and much prayer, I would build upon the themes in Scripture and would come up with icebreakers and study questions on my own.

Now, I am serving as a Small Groups Pastor - where I am responsible for teaching classes and training our other small group leaders by equipping them, praying for them, and building authentic relationships with the people in those classes.

I would welcome the opportunity to speak with you about this further. I can be reache by email at Thanks!

Hello Sam,

I would love the challenge to write for Small Group's Meeting Builder. I presently serve as the small group administrator of Abundant Life Church. I lead and train our coaching staff as well as facilitate my own small group.


I would love to write icebreakers and tips and extras. Please send me the process. I have been writing my own Bible studies for 30 years and now am staff over our small group ministry.

Hi Sam-
What an opportunity! I'm the small groups pastor at Irving Bible Church just outside of Dallas. I write a weekly small groups discussion guide based on our Sunday sermon ( so I have some practice. I'd love to give it a shot. As an "audition", here are a few ice breakers from our previous discussion guides:

For a lesson about creation (Gen 1): "Tell the story of your beginning. Is there anything (besides “it hurt”) that your mother has told you about your birth?

From a lesson about the fall (Gen. 3): Today's lesson was about the fall of man, when humans - icons of God - became cracked and broken through sin. Have you ever broken something very valuable, even priceless? If so, tell your group about that experience.

From a lesson on the raising of Lazarus (John 11): Recall the first funeral you ever attended. What sticks out in your memory about that experience?

Funny you should ask...this morning God just moved me to write an article "10 Small Group Prayer Practices." I support 50+ Small Groups through our local church. I would love the opportunity to share. Please let me know the process.

I tried using the The Small Groups Meeting Builder but can't seem to get anything working, I can tick every box but it always states '0 of 0 matches'.

Ps. the verification is also very hard to read.. I had to cycle through quite a few selections before I could read all the leters in order to create this post.

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