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February 28, 2012

John Ortberg Encourages Small-Group Leaders

And lets us know all the effort is worth it.


As February ends, we've got a bit of cabin fever here at the offices of Christianity Today. We're a little antsy, our attention spans are growing shorter, and we need something to keep us going. So I figured you might, too.

In our Fall 2010 digizine, interviews John Ortberg in an article called "No, You're Not Crazy!" Ortberg shares his wisdom with small-group leaders, inspiring us to keep on. How do you feel that small groups as a whole have impacted the kingdom of God? What have they brought to churches, and to the Church?

Ortberg: I think it was Robert Wuthnow who said that the small-group movement is the biggest social revolution in America. In an era where people have become increasingly mobile, uprooted, and disconnected from family structures, I think small groups have become a huge vehicle for people to experience relationship, intimacy, and community. And in a lot of cases that comes to people who might not have it otherwise. If you had a chance to encourage a group of small-group leaders, what would you say?

Ortberg: I would say: "It's worth it." When I was at Willow Creek Community Church back in Chicago, a common message we delivered to people in ministry was, "You're not crazy." In those times when you think: Man, this is really hard. Nobody was talking tonight, or I've got a really difficult person in this group, or I'm feeling like I don't know how to lead a discussion—you never know when God is going to use a moment, a session, or a connection with somebody else. You never know when a person is going to show up with a broken heart, and God's going to choose you and your group to be a vessel of grace. You don't carry the outcome on your shoulders. But when you show up and offer a devoted spirit—it's worth it.

What do you do when you're feeling discouraged? What quotations, Scripture, or reminders motivate you to keep on? Share with us below.

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posted by Amy Jackson on February 28, 2012 2:21 PM

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Thanks for sharing this very encouraging article again! I'm passing it on to all our leaders.

Thanks, Mike!

When I am discouraged, I try to remember that it (success, results, etc.) doesn't depend on me or my feelings. It's all a result of grace and that in turn depends on the immutable character of a God who is great and awesome and who keeps His covenant of love with those who love Him and keep His commandments. (Nehemiah 1)

When discouraged I try to shift my focus from hoping in the temporal to hoping in the eternal.
'Why so downcast Oh my soul? Put your hope in God."

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