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March 7, 2012

Keeping Leaders Connected to Your Church's Vision

Seth Widner explains the benefits of coaching.


At, we believe coaches are valuable to small-group ministry. So we provide lots of articles and training resources specifically for coaches including Giving Leaders Feedback, Ministering to Struggling Small-Group Leaders, The Five Stages of Coaching Relationships, and the Small-Group Coach Orientation Guide.

Seth Widner feels coaches are important, too. In our newest resource Staying Connected to Your Church, Seth lays out seven benefits of coaching. Among them you'll find many of the usual benefits such as accountability, support, and ongoing training. But there's one you might not immediately think of: connection to your church's vision. I often hear the complaint from small-group staff that they have "rogue" groups—groups that have diverted from the church's vision for small groups. Other times I hear about the trouble of keeping small-group leaders informed of updates to the church's vision and strategy. Here's what Seth has to say about it.

If small-group leaders are left alone in leadership, our groups can become islands, disconnected from the church. This is a dangerous place to be. When small groups are functioning as islands, they are one storm away from sinking. Small-group leaders need to be reminded that they are part of something larger than their groups. Small groups are active members of your church's larger cause. As leaders are reminded of the church's specific vision, they are given a GPS-like map for everything they do in small groups. Coaching provides a way to keep small-group leaders connected with one another and to the church's DNA and vision.

To read the rest of Seth's article, check out Staying Connected to Your Church.

And share with us below: what benefits of coaching have you experienced?

posted by Amy Jackson on March 7, 2012 12:49 PM

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