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March 29, 2012

Know Thyself

Is knowing self important to our faith journey?


I recently came across this quotation from Honest Christianity, and it got me thinking. He states that an important factor in our faith journey is getting to know ourselves—which may not be what we normally think of. We think about growing closer to God, becoming more servant-minded, and building relationships with others. But what if all those things depend on getting to know ourselves first?

"Prideful creatures that we are, it is hard for us to acknowledge what we do not like or respect, or what we sense others will disparage. It is so much easier, so more convenient, at least in the moment, to deny the existence of the distasteful. God, however, is truthful, and to truthfulness he calls us. He wants us to know ourselves, so that in the process, we can grasp just how much he loves us. We need not fear what is inside us, however heinous, however awful, however base. God already knows all about it, and he loves us anyway—which is, in fact, the good news of Jesus Christ . . . Our life with God will thrive only to the extent that we purpose in our hearts, sincerely and relentlessly, to reckon with truth—about him, about others, about ourselves." --Clinton W. McLemore in Honest Christianity

Do you agree with McLemore? How important is knowing self to our faith journey? When have you seen proof of this?

If it's important, how much time should we spend on getting to know ourselves? How do we balance it with getting to know God and others? And how do we help our small-group members with this?

Share your thoughts and experiences with us below.

posted by Amy Jackson on March 29, 2012 8:00 AM

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yes I agree with amy,sometimes with dont even know what we want in life, seeking to many question. whats the real meaning of life? why are we here? Is there a god who look after us? why others are so bless and I'm not? this just part of many questions life that need to be answered.
getting to know you self is not easy as it sounds. to all those pain that you been through sometimes you dont really know where to start and where we are going at the with out satisfaction is the basic problem of life. all of us must be contented of what we have. some of us already forgotten, that being alive is a blessing and its up to us what to do with are life. just make sure you make the right choice, and find what makes you happy and cherish them.getting to know god is like getting to know your self by following him you will never be lost.

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