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August 7, 2013

Welcoming a Same-Sex Couple into Your Group

How to respond in a loving, biblical way


Imagine that this weekend at church services, Matt and Alex Jones-Smith, newlyweds, and their adopted daughter, Rachel, walk up to your sign up table for small groups and ask to join a couples' group that has childcare.

How will you respond?

There's a good chance this will happen at some point—maybe this weekend, or in a few months, or next year. And you need to be prepared with a loving, biblical response.

That's what Timothy Morgan tackles in his article "Why Welcome a Same-Sex Couple to Church?" from Christianity Today magazine. When considering how congregations can reach out to people with same-sex attraction, we must talk about how small groups can do so—because we know that small groups are a great way to help people connect and feel welcomed in a church.

Morgan's article explores how churches have been welcoming those with same-sex attraction without affirming or condoning the behavior, and he looks to Jesus' time on earth for wisdom on how to engage people with same-sex attraction.

At the end of the article, Morgan gives several characteristics of churches that are successfully welcoming people with same-sex attraction. Included: commitment for the long term, avoidance of quick fixes or one-size-fits-all solutions, and careful use of language so homophobic slurs aren't accepted.

What would your group do if a same-sex couple wanted to join? What can your group do to be more welcoming?

posted by Amy Jackson on August 7, 2013 10:51 AM

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WoW what an awesome topic. Its definitely worth exploring in the times we live in and we as the church must be prepared. It's a wonderful opportunity to show our distinguishing mark of love yet also be a witness of truth

Thanks, Amanda. You're right: it's a wonderful opportunity!

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